Sweet Bonanza Strategies and Tactics

In order to understand if there are any working strategies and tactics in the game Svit bonanza, first we need to figure out what this game is!
Sweet Bonanza is an online money game that helps you make money on the popular 6—reel slot with betting levels up to x25. Accordingly, if you bet 50$, the winnings may amount to 1,250$.
X 25 is the maximum win, many winning combinations that are not as profitable, but at the same time much more likely!
For a winning combination, you must have at least 8 identical symbols.

Sweet Bonanza Terms and Conditions

You can get acquainted with the official rules and conditions of the game in the window with the game at any casino of your choice, or even on our website in the tab Sweet Bonanza demo. You need to click on the information icon in the lower left corner of the game screen.

Terms and Conditions Sweet Bonanza
Terms and Conditionsя Sweet Bonanza

Then the menu opens, where on 7 pages there is complet information about the game.
The first screen describes the winning combinations of the game where:

8-9 20$
10-11 50$
12+ 100$
8-9 5$
10-11 20$
12+ 50$
8-9 4$
10-11 10$
12+ 30$
8-9 3$
10-11 4$
12+ 24$
8-9 2$
10-11 3$
12+ 20$
8-9 1.6$
10-11 2.4$
12+ 16$
8-9 1$
10-11 2$
12+ 10$
8-9 0.80$
10-11 1.80$
12+ 8$
8-9 0.50$
10-11 1.50$
12+ 4$
Table of game bonuses Sweet Bonanza

Starting small

Many players like this slot machine, but not everyone has an idea of how to play sweet bonanza correctly, how to win a good prize? 

Let’s start small. Before starting the game, you need to have a clearly defined goal. Either the game is played as fun and the amount of winnings is not a priority. Or the game will be played in a big way in order to get real winnings and earn good money.

Let’s leave the topic of entertainment for later. Let’s analyze and consider in detail the ways and techniques with which you can win. To do this, you can use the simple and intuitive sweet bonanza guide.

How to win?

There are similar reviews of the tactics used for other similar slots. For example, many players believe that sweet bonanza vs gates of Olympus are the same type of slots. Therefore, for success in the game this time, you can use the same tactics and techniques. To what extent this is true, the game itself will show. 

Nevertheless, in order not to take risks, it is better to study the essence and meaning of working strategies beforehand. Try to understand and work out the optimal mechanism of action. 

We remind you! Each game has its own algorithm that determines the probability and frequency of returns. Sweet bonanza algorithm is also available, so before you start playing, it will be useful to know the parameters of the slot, and its main characteristics.

Playing at low stakes

Many players have already faced drifts in the casino, when playing at a minimum, you can get a good prize. On the sweet bonanza slot machine, skidding is also not a rarity. Accordingly, why not try to use minimum bets to achieve success?

This tactic often brings success on slots with high volatility, when you have to wait quite a long time for winnings. In this situation, it is recommended to make minimal bets. This technique allows not only to save the bankroll from excessive expenses but also to stretch the game for a long distance. Just at a long distance, you can use free spins more often, waiting for the desired good prize in the end.

To test in practice how the game works at minimum bets, you can turn on the “Auto Game” mode. This in turn will simplify and optimize the gameplay.

Маленькая ставка в Sweet Bonanza
A small bet in Sweet Bonanza

High-risk tactics

If you are interested in Sweet Bonanza biggest win, it’s time to take a chance. In this case, a one-time risk tactic can bring success. What does it mean? 

It is enough to observe how often the slot gives out winnings, what is their size. If large sums have not been paid for a long time, there is a high probability that a skid may take place soon. It’s time to take a chance and bet on a larger amount. A one-time risk is justified in this case. Losing will not hurt your pocket so much, but if you are lucky, winning will not only bring profit, but will also cover all previous expenses.

Moderate risk strategy

If players want to know about the possibilities of the Sweet Bonanza how to win in this game, we recommend using a moderate risk strategy. This time the calculation is made to heat the slot. To do this, you can start the game with bets of 100-200 rubles. Every 10-15 spins, the bet increases by 15 rubles, warming up the pot. With high volatility, this tactic will allow the player to approach a winning combination with a larger bet. 

The indicator signalling that a skid is approaching is the frequent appearance of Scatter (lollipops) on the reels. The bigger the bet and the more often the scatters appear, the higher the probability that the slot will start to give returns soon. This process can end either with a big win, or due to small payouts, the slot machine will “burn out”. In any case, the player has chances not only to return the lost money, but also to make a profit.

Sweet Bonanza Strategies and Tactics
Sweet Bonanza Strategies and Tactics

Climbing the stairs

In this case, it is proposed to choose something between playing at minimum stakes and playing with a one-time risk. You can get a big win in Sweet Bonanza as follows:

whether during the climb up the stairs, the result could not be achieved, you need to return to the minimum bid. So you can continue for a long time, keeping your bankroll and approaching the long-awaited payout. 

We remind you! The slot works on the provider’s server, so there is no way to influence the change in RTP and volatility. Moreover, trying to hack the sweet bonanza slot

Sweet Bonanza Strategies and Tactics
Climbing the stairs Sweet Bonanza

Bankroll actions in the Sweet Bonanza game?

Sweet Bonanza fans are wondering how to play so that the bankroll does not turn out to be empty soon. To maintain a positive balance on the account, it is necessary to follow the following steps:

Are there strategies and tactics in the Sweet bonanza game?

There is no need to use any specific strategy when playing. Our editorial staff can only advise how to play safer for players from Russia, our advice will surely help save your money in the future!

Firstly, there are no 100% strategies that guarantee winning in any slot. Everyone who promises you to get a winning algorithm for free or for a fee is lying! You can only count on luck and risk management. What is risk management? I’ll tell you now!

All you control is the size of the bet. Your task is not to set thoughtlessly, you need to monitor your bank and not let your bank empty, due to loss of control. The bids should be even and thoughtful. The RTP (return to the player) indicator for the Sweet Bonanza slot is 96.51%, which means that if you do not fall into ludomaniacal agony, then you will lose only 3.5% during the entire game, but at the same time you will have a chance for a good jackpot during the whole time.

How to win?

The best way not to lose, which means to make money at an online casino, is to look for bonuses for new players. There are thousands of casinos nowadays and all of them are actively fighting for the player, so all you need is to constantly find new gaming platforms and register on them, getting bonuses, deposit%, etc., this greatly increases your chances of winning. Therefore, go ahead and register to receive bonuses!

Earning schemes on the Sweet Bonanza slot

Except for the pop mathematical gambling strategies, like the Martingale or Fibonacci system.

Martingale system – involves doubling the bet after each loss. Thus, in the end you will recoup your losses and will be the winner.

The Fibonacci system – assumes an increase in your bet after each win and a decrease after each loss.

The problem with these strategies is that in order for them to work, you need to have an infinite amount of money, so unfortunately we have to admit that there are no real working strategies and tactics in the Sweet bonanza game…


All that our editorial staff can advise is to adhere to risk management and not bet more than you can lose. Play for fun, not to earn money and everything will be fine! Use Sweet Bonanza Strategies and Tactics which we described above.